Beautiful 3D Art Pen Fall Leaf Garland

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Beautiful 3D Art Pen Fall Leaf Garland

Now that we’re between holidays, you might not know what to decorate with. You’ve taken the Halloween decorations down, but you’re not ready for the winter holidays quite yet. This is the perfect time to take advantage of the jewel tones that fall brings.

Make fall leaf garlands to decorate your front door, your walls and around your windows.

Print Out Leaf Outlines

3d pen leaf garland template

You can do a quick internet search to find different leaf shapes. We used these.

Outline in Color

3d pen fall leaf garland outline

Using colors like golden ABS and H orange ABS, trace around the leaf shapes. You can get as fancy as you want here.

Some options for making the leaves are:

  • Trace just the outlines
  • Fill in the leaves with solid color
  • Fill in the leaves with variegated colors
  • Wrap the paper around a cylinder, like a paint can or soda bottle, as you trace the outlines to give the leaves dimension.

We chose to go the simple route.

Add the Stems

3d pen fall leaves

Using copper or brown filament, trace the stems and veins of the leaves. We used a zig-zag pattern for the stems.

Make sure to connect at least the main vertical vein to the outline of the leaf for added strength.

Finishing Touches

If you’re making a garland, you can connect the leaves using the 3D pen. Simply place the leaves in the position in which they’ll hang, and draw the pen across, creating a straight line, a curved line, or even a doodly line with spirals.

You can also arrange the leaves in a circular shape to create the perfect 3D printing pen fall wreath that will hold up to autumn weather on your front door.


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