Easy Box 3D Printing Pen Hacks

Easy Box 3D Printing Pen Hacks

When you start drawing with your 3D printing pen, you probably want to do one of the things it was made for: draw in the air. Many beginner tutorials demonstrate how to draw a cube in 3D.However, if you try it, you might find that it's not as easy as it looks.

If you want to draw a straighter, more symmetrical cube, try one of these hacks. (You can also check out this blog post for other tips and tricks for using MorphPen.

Box 3D Printing Hack #1: Use Graph Paper

If you use graph paper, you'll be able to draw a somewhat perfect square. Mark the size of the square that you want to draw by tracing the lines on the graph paper or making dots at the corners.

Draw a 2D square by tracing the square that you drew on the paper with the 3D printing pen.

    Box hack - draw on graph paper

      Go back to one of the corners and press the load filament button to begin drawing. Pull the pen straight up as the filament flows out. When the line is as tall as you want it to be, stop the filament flow and hold the pen in place for a moment to let the plastic cool. Repeat for all four corners.

        box hacks 3d printing pen

          Now you'll need to connect the top of each line that you just drew. Begin at one corner, and draw a line across to each other corner, forming the top of the cube.

            box hacks 3d cube

              This results in a decent 3D printed cube, but it's a little off balance. Let's move on to hack #2

              Box 3D Printing Pen Hack #2: Draw On The Paper

              If you want to be more consistent with your corners and lines, use the paper as your guide when you're drawing each side of the cube. In other words, you will only be drawing in 2D, connecting each side as you go. 

                3d cube hack

                  Once the first square cools, remove it from the paper. Hold it up, keeping it perpendicular to the paper. Draw another square right on the paper. Make sure to connect it to the square that you're holding up. Now you have two sides to your cube.

                    Connect side 2 of 3D cube

                      Continue to rotate the cube. Add sides by drawing a new square on the paper, connecting it to the existing sides.

                      draw all sides 2d

                      Your final cube will be much more even than in the first example.

                        make 3d cube printing pen

                          Box 3D Printing Pen Hack #3: Use a Mold

                          The final hack for drawing a 3D cube with a printing pen is to draw around a mold. You can make a mold out of cardstock or cardboard. Using a paint sample card from the hardware store is ideal. 

                          Trace around one of the squares on the paint chip.

                          3d cube mold

                          Fold along the lines, and draw another square along one side.

                          3d cube printing mold

                          continue to do this until all of the sides have been completed.

                          3d box printing mold

                          It's helpful to practice using each method, because you might need to use a particular technique in different pieces of art that you're creating. See the difference between each type of cube:

                          all 3d cubes





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