Flower Centerpiece With 3D Ink

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Flower Centerpiece With 3D Ink

A floral arrangement makes a beautiful centerpiece any time of year. It’s perfect for big holiday dinners, but when you’re prepping a holiday meal, who has time to remember to water the flowers? Make a floral arrangement with MorphPen and you’ll never have to think about it again; you’ll just get to enjoy it for a lifetime.

We decided to make sunflowers for Thanksgiving. They bring a touch of warmth to the chilly fall weather. Plus, we think that the golden tones of sunflowers are reminiscent of fall.

3d art pen floral arrangement

Helpful Hints:

  • Make these flowers in red (with a smaller center) for a festive poinsettia bouquet to decorate for the winter holidays.
  • Give the petals dimension by bending the tips backwards immediately after drawing them. Hold them until they cool completely.
  • Use different colors (we used orange, copper, golden, and yellow ABS filament) to give each flower variety.
  • If the flowers don’t stand up the way you want them to once you have finished, gently manipulate the stem into the desired position. (You’ll hear and see the filament crack a bit—don’t worry). Next, use stem-colored filament to reinforce the stem. Hold the pen against the cracked area and inject it with ABS filament until the stem feels strong once again.

Here are the steps to make a 3D sunflower centerpiece.

1. Create the Mold

We are all about using what you have handy to make 3D pen creations. Start by making a mold out of paper or cardstock.

Trace a large circle onto the paper.

3d pen flower mold

Cut out the circle, then cut a triangle-shaped notch that goes from the edge to the center of the circle. Tape it closed to make a wide cone shape.

3d pen flower mold

2. Begin Drawing the Petals

Before drawing the petals, mark where the center of the flower will be: Draw a large circle (about 2-3” in diameter) around the peak of your mold. Start drawing your first petal at that line, pressing MorphPen against the paper and filling in the entire petal with color.

3d pen flower petal

Continue drawing petals in the same manner, leaving about 1” of space between them.

3d art pen flower petals

3. Draw the Second Petal Layer

Now you’ll connect those petals by drawing larger petals in the open spaces between them. When drawing these petals, make sure that you’re overlapping the first petals that you drew. This will ensure that the flower stays together.

3d art pen flower

You can draw as many layers of petals as you wish, always making the point extend between the petals in the previous layer.

4. Make the Stem

Load green ABS filament. Draw a circle around the back of the flower.

3d pen flower stem

To make the long stem, place the petals back on the paper cone mold. Anchor the filament at any point on the circle. Draw it up toward the center of the cone, then continue drawing it horizontally, parallel to the floor.

3d pen flower stem

Repeat the last step, starting at a new point on the circle, meeting the filament at the peak of the cone, and tracing down the stem that you created. Continue to do this, forming a thick stem and several anchor points along the circle.

3d pen sunflower stem

Fill in the cone-shaped area where the stem meets the petal by coiling green filament around it.

3d pen sunflower stem

5. Form the Flower Center

We used a variety of techniques for the flower center.


Draw a flat circle on a piece of paper. Trace around it one time with brown ABS filament. Remove it from the paper, making sure it fits within the flower.

3d pen sunflower center

If it fits, place it back on the paper. Fill it in with filament. Remove the flat circle from the paper, fit it into the center of the flower, and extrude filament into the cracks around the circle to secure it.


Draw a circle directly onto the center of the petals.

3d art pen sunflower center

Change the speed setting to slow. Anchor filament to one point of the circle, then draw an arch to the spot opposite the fixed point.

3d art pen sunflower center

Continue to draw arches in this manner until you have a solid framework.

3d pen sunflower center

Fill this in with color, letting the filament double up on itself to create texture.

3d art pen sunflower technique


Form and fill in the center of the flower using the beginner or intermediate method. Then, make beads around the face of the flower center to resemble a real sunflower.

3d art pen bead technique

6. Make a Bow

If the flowers don’t bend the way you want, re-bend the stems. (See “Helpful Hints.")

A pretty way to hold the flowers together is to make a 3D art pen bow for them. Alternatively, you can tie a ribbon or twine around them. You can also make an arrangement in your favorite vase, using floral foam or stones to hold the flowers in place.

This 3D pen flower bouquet makes a great hostess gift for holiday parties.

3d pen sunflower centerpiece




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