How to Make a Mold for Any 3D Printing Pen Masks

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How to Make a Mold for Any 3D Printing Pen Masks

Halloween is coming up, and this year you won’t have to stress about the perfect costume. When you can create a flexible, unique and detailed mask with the 3D printing pen, you can make a statement without worrying about the complexity of the rest of the costume. This year, you won’t have to spend time with the sewing machine, messy papier mâche, or paints. You also don’t have to spend a fortune to create the perfect costume. Just make yourself a 3D printing pen mask, and you’ll be all set for trick or treating.

If you've already checked out our blog post on making a 3D printing pen pumpkin, you'll have plenty of practice for making a creative mask.

Making 3D printing pen masks results in a flexible but sturdy finished product. Printing pen masks are lightweight and breathable, so they won’t drag you down.

The Trick to Making 3D Printing Pen Masks

The key to making a 3D printed mask is to design it on a curved plane. If you make a flat mask using a 3D printing pen stencil, it could break as you wrap it around your face. Make an easy, affordable mold that you can use over and over again to form any mask you want.

Steps to Make The Basic Mold for Any Mask

To make a mold for your mask, you’ll need newspaper, tape, and a marker.

  1. Form the dome

3D printing pen mask mold

Take a sheet or two of newspaper and form it into a raised oval. Keep the front side smooth, wrapping the paper around to the back side and tucking and bunching it in. This creates a kind of dome shape. You can help it retain its form by wrapping some masking tape around the back side.

  1. Mark the eyes.

3d mask eye holes

Hold the mask up to your face with the smooth side facing you. Place your thumbs on the mask where your eyes are. Holding your thumbs in place, set the mask down and mark the eyes with a marker.

  1. Form the nose.

3d pen mask nose mold

Your mask should have a spot for the nose so that it’s comfortable to wear. Create a nose by bunching a smaller piece of newspaper into an oblong shape. Tape it between the eyes. Note that the bridge of your nose begins almost at eyebrow level. Don’t tape the nose on too low.

Now you have a mold that can be used to make any type of mask.

Tips for Using a Mold to Make a 3D Printed Mask

  • You can add to the basic mold to make different mask shapes. For example, add more bunched up newspaper to create an animal snout, or make a larger oval out of newspaper to make a helmet-style mask.
  • If you’re concerned about the durability or smoothness of the mold, wrap the entire mold in masking tape until it is the desired shape.
  • Need more structure or flat surfaces to work with? Use cardboard to create or add to your mold.
  • Sketch out the basic shape of your mask right on the mold, then follow it with MorphPen as though you're creating a 2D design with the 3D pen right on the paper.
  • Use elastic to hold the mask around your head. To make the holes through which to tie the elastic, slowly push the hot nozzle tip through the finished mask about one inch from each side. This will melt the plastic and create a hole.
  • After you have drawn the basic outline, go back in and create a grid that will serve as the base of your mask. Once you have gotten this far, try the mask on to make sure that you’ve gotten the eye holes and nose spacing correct. If you need to modify it, you can simply cut off the parts of the grid that don’t work and draw them in properly with the 3D pen.

3d pen mask grid

Stay tuned for our next blog post for more 3D mask inspiration.



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