Like to Draw? Create 2D Designs with the 3D MorphPen.

Like to Draw? Create 2D Designs with the 3D MorphPen.

Although the MorphPen is a 3D printing pen, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it to make 2D drawings. In fact, if you feel a little overwhelmed learning how to use it, making 2D designs can help you practice a variety of techniques.

You can start off at the beginner level and move up to more complicated works of art just by drawing on paper with your 3D pen.

Beginner 2D Drawing

If you’re just starting out, grab any line drawing to trace. Follow these instructions to get started with MorphPen. This example shows how to use the MorphPen to trace over a coloring book drawing. The type of newsprint that most coloring books are printed on is great for grabbing the ink so that it doesn’t slide as you draw.  

Don’t get ahead of yourself; just start by tracing some lines.

Line drawing with 3D pen

Continue until you’ve created the design you want.

Line drawing curious george 3D pen

Peel the design off the paper.

Line drawing design MorphPen

Practice different techniques for filling in color.

Filling in color 3D Pen

This is a great way to help you get control over your pen.

Completed 2D Drawing MorphPen

Intermediate 2D Drawing

All of the stencils that we provide with your MorphPen begin with 2D drawing. You simply draw all the parts right on the paper and put them together later.

In this example, we’ve used the apple stencil.

We began by tracing the outline of each “slice,” then we filled it in with loops of color.

3D Pen Apple Slice

Peel each slice off the paper and join two of the pieces.

Joining 2D Designs

Continue to connect slices to the center of the apple until you’ve achieved a full 3D shape.

3D Apple MorphPen

Advanced 2D Drawing

What if you want to create a more intricate work of art? The sky’s the limit.

With this piece, we began with a more involved black-and-white line drawing. We used a variety of filament colors for an interesting finished masterpiece.

Black and white drawing

We just took it one step at a time, adding blue filament to some of the lines.

2D Line Drawing 3D Pen

Switch colors whenever you’re getting the urge. Don’t be afraid to play with different techniques and textures. This is a great way to practice. In this piece of art, we created a line drawing, but we also used color fill techniques for the waves. We even let the filament come out in 3D squiggles to mimic the look of ocean foam in some areas.

Switching colors 3D Pen


Peel the artwork off of the paper, and enhance it with additional details. We added a frame around the piece to make it more durable.

2D Art 3D Pen

This makes a beautiful faux stained glass piece to hang in a window.

3D Pen Stained Glass

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry if you can’t draw a straight line or don’t think you’re good at drawing. The MorphPen makes any drawing unique and vibrant. Part of its charm is its ability to create different textures. Play with the pen, and don’t try to control it too much. Practice different techniques while creating 2D designs in order to hone your skills with the MorphPen 3D printing pen.


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