Make 3D Halloween Decorations with MorphPen

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Make 3D Halloween Decorations with MorphPen

Do your kids beg you to put out the Halloween decorations in September? Do you want to show up the neighbors? Or do you just like to have your house look spooky and festive this time of year?

You can make 3D pen Halloween decorations to put anywhere in your home. Bonus: 3D art pen filament material holds up outdoors as well!

Below, we show you how to make ghosts and spiderwebs.

Scroll to the bottom for more Halloween decoration ideas using MorphPen.

Make 3D Printing Pen Ghosts  

You can easily make ghosts using a golf ball and white filament. Make a bunch and hang them indoors or make them float from a tree outside.

  1. Draw a line around the center of a golf ball using a permanent marker. Use MorphPen to trace that line using white filament. Hint: Anchor the filament well when you start. You may have to go slowly and hold down the start point of the filament as you trace around the ball. 3d pen sphere
  1. Continue to slowly turn the ball as you coil filament around it. Make sure that the new filament sticks to the previous coil. Cover half of the ball in this manner. 3d pen sphere
  2. Once the filament has cooled, gently lift around the edge to pop it off the ball. If you have trouble with this, you could wrap the ball in aluminum foil before drawing on it with the 3D pen. 3d pen sphere
  3. Repeat steps 1-3. Now you’ll have two halves. Hold them together to make a sphere, connecting them at the seam with hot filament. 3d pen sphere
  4. Make the wisps at the bottom of the ghosts by anchoring the filament to the bottom of the sphere and pulling the pen down into midair. 3d pen ghosts
  5. Change to silver filament. Hold MorphPen in position on the white sphere, and slowly extrude filament. Keep the 3D art pen still, and you’ll create small spheres for the eyes and mouth.

Make 3D Art Pen Cobwebs

Create spiderwebs to hang in corners, under eaves and even outdoors.  Get really spooky and make a giant spiderweb to cover your front door!

  1. Make a template with marker on paper. You can make this as big or small as you want. (To draw a cobweb, simply make straight lines that begin at one point and extend out like spokes. Connect these spokes with a series of arches). 3d pen cobweb
  2. Use black or grey filament to trace over the lines. For a larger cobweb, make sure that you go back and forth over the lines several times to create a thicker web. 3d pen spiderweb decoration

That’s it! These simple Halloween decorations can be packed away at the end of the season for use again and again.

More 3D Pen Halloween Decoration Ideas

Can’t get enough of MorphPen? Here are some more ideas for 3D Pen Halloween decorations.

  • Make a series of gravestones to line your walkway.
  • Make a witch hat by coiling filament in a cone shape. Create the brim by anchoring filament to the base of the cone and coiling it outward on a flat surface.
  • Make a giant fall pumpkin decoration.
  • Make a sphere out of a dark-colored filament, and add 8 legs for a spooky spider.
  • Make a giant spider by tracing around a basketball and adding 8 giant legs.


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