Make a 3D Art Pen Bow

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Make a 3D Art Pen Bow

This holiday season, there’s going to be lots of wrapping and decorating going on. If you learn how to make a 3D bow with MorphPen, you can add a crafty touch to any of your gifts or home décor. You can even turn these 3D art pen bows into ornaments to trim your tree!

(Or make mini bows and turn them into jewelry, hair clips and other gifts).

Here are the steps to make a 3D pen bow.

1. Use a Template

Print out this template, resize it, or draw your own.  

3d pen bow template

2. Trace and Color Using a New Technique

Trace the shape on the left side of the template first. To create a flexible shape, press the Morphpen to the paper as you draw, moving it quickly and pushing the extruded filament along. This will make a semi-transparent, thin film.

As soon as you have outlined and fill in the shape, remove it from the paper and wrap it around your finger. Repeat this step to make both sides of the bow.

3d pen bow

Connect these pieces at the center.

3d pen bow

3. Reinforce the Bow

Extrude filament over the pieces you just connected to strengthen them.

3d art pen bow

4. Make the Center

Using the same technique as in Step 2, trace over the narrow rectangle on the template to create the piece that wraps around the center of the bow.

3d art pen bow decoration

Remove it from the paper while it’s warm, and wrap it around the middle of the bow immediately. Secure it with hot filament in the back.

3d pen ribbon

5. Make the Looping Ribbon

Finally, use the flexible film technique to trace the last shape on the template. As soon as you remove it from the paper, wrap it around a pencil or marker to make a spiral. Extrude color over it while you hold it here to solidify the looping shape.

3d pen ribbon

Repeat this step to create another ribbon. Then, secure the two ribbons to the back of the bow.

3d printer pen bow

Some ideas for using these bows:

  • Holiday napkin holders
  • Ornaments
  • To personalize gift wrap
  • Hair clips
  • Jewelry
  • To hold together a 3D flower bouquet
  • Curtain tie backs


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