MorphPen Christmas Ornaments

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MorphPen Christmas Ornaments

Handmade gifts are always appreciated. With MorphPen, you can easily make an ornament for everyone on your list. Below is a 3D pen Christmas ornament tutorial. We have included several templates so that you don’t run out of ideas.

The construction is simple; it follows the design of the 3d pen autumn pumpkin. You will draw the pieces of the ornament using the 2d drawing technique with MorphPen. Then, you will use the hot filament like a soldering iron to connect all of the flat pieces.

1. Start with a circle

3d pen Christmas Ornament

You can make ornaments of any size. Just trace around something circular, like a glass. Then, draw a straight line to divide the circle in half. Scroll to the bottom to download your own printable ornament template.

2. Fill in the circle

3d pen Christmas ornament

Trace the circle with any color filament. We began with green. You can fill in the circle you drew however you’d like. Be creative! Fill it in with solid color, zigzags, or any design. We filled it in with bubbles.

3. Draw 6 more halves

3d pen Christmas ornament

Now you can trace half of the ornament, filling it in as before. We made 2 green halves and 4 red halves.

4. Connect the halves

3d pen Christmas ornament

Connect the first two half circles at right angles to the first circle you made. To connect them, hold the half circles against the main circle. Extrude filament along the edge where the pieces meat. Add the other halves in between.

Christmas Ornament Template

3d pen Christmas ornament template

Print out this template and trace it with your MorphPen to make your own 3D pen Christmas Ornaments.



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