Put Your Name in Plastic: Make a 3D Monogram

Put Your Name in Plastic: Make a 3D Monogram

Once you've gotten the hang of drawing in 2D with Morphpen, you can start building up your work to make in 3D.

A fun exercise to practice lettering and creating 3D shapes is making a monogram. This simple design gets you to practice lettering in 2D first. Once you've created two identical monograms, you can connect them using the printing pen to make a 3D shape that stands up.

Begin With a Great Font

3d block letters for monogram

You can print a font out from your computer, or draw it yourself. We chose to draw our own block letters for this monogram.

Trace Over the Letters

2D block letters for 3D monogram

Heat up your printing pen, choose a color, and trace over the lines of the letters on your paper. Fill in the letters to make them more stable. Make sure that you connect the letters to each other.

Create two identical versions of the 2D letters.

We chose to use different colors to make the letters stand out. (We used blue ABS filament, H-yellow ABS filament, and red filament to create the letters).

If you choose to use only one color, you can outline each letter later in black, white or a contrasting tone.

Connect the Letters

3d monogram connect the letters

Hold both set of letters about 1/2 inch apart from one another, matching up the sides. If this feels tricky for you, place a few small pieces of cardboard in between the letters to get an even distance.

Attach the letters to each other using a strand of filament in each corner. At this point, the 3D monogram should be fairly sturdy.

Fortify the Edges

connect 3D letters

Now, you can go back over the sides in a zig-zag pattern, connecting the front and the back of your monogram all the way around.

We used transparent ABS filament so that it wouldn't detract from the colors on the front and back of the monogram.

That's it! Now you have a monogram that stands up on its own and can be displayed anywhere.

Take it to a Whole New Level

Once you have perfected the technique of creating 3D letters with the printing pen, you can expand to using different fonts and writing longer words.

Some ideas for using 3D lettering are:

  • Tabletop decorations with the words Sharing, Family, and Gratitude for your next Thanksgiving celebration
  • Party favors with each guest's name
  • Craft some tongue-in-cheek "meta" decorations by making creations that say Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room, etc. to place in every room of the house
  • Create 3D letters to add to the tag when you give a gift
  • Gifts for children--kids love to see their names in color
  • Teacher appreciation gifts


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