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This holiday season, there’s going to be lots of wrapping and decorating going on. If you learn how to make a 3D bow with MorphPen, you can add a crafty touch to any of your gifts or home décor. You can even turn these 3D art pen bows into ornaments to trim your tree! (Or make mini bows and turn them into jewelry, hair clips and other gifts). Here are the steps to make a 3D pen bow. 1. Use a Template Print out this template, resize it, or draw your own.   2. Trace and Color Using a New...

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Pumpkin spice is everywhere in autumn. Whether or not you’re a fan, you can make some seasonal decorations to place around your home or to use as a centerpiece on your table. You can even enlarge the pattern to make a pumpkin to place outdoors. This one won’t rot or get eaten by squirrels. Start with Slices To make a small version of this pumpkin, use the apple stencil and the orange ABS filament. Trace around each “slice.” Instead of filling in each slice completely, draw curved lines that are parallel to the outer edge. This will give you the...

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