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MorphPen is so versatile that you can use it to make your Halloween costume. You can create any type of mask using this simple 3D pen mask form. Need some inspiration? Below are 5 masks that you can make with your 3D pen. Basic 3D Printing Pen Mask Use this mask alone or as a base for a more elaborate costume. Instructions: Draw the outline of the mask on your mold using a marker. Mark the eye holes. Trace over the eye holes and the 3D mask outline with MorphPen, connecting the edges into a framework. Make sure the mask...

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Halloween is coming up, and this year you won’t have to stress about the perfect costume. When you can create a flexible, unique and detailed mask with the 3D printing pen, you can make a statement without worrying about the complexity of the rest of the costume. This year, you won’t have to spend time with the sewing machine, messy papier mâche, or paints. You also don’t have to spend a fortune to create the perfect costume. Just make yourself a 3D printing pen mask, and you’ll be all set for trick or treating. If you've already checked out our...

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